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Manicure Monday: Superstition

Manicure Monday: Superstition

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.  I absolutely hate being scared and I can’t stand blood, gore, or spiders, but there’s something about getting to be anything you want for a day – and being able to eat as much candy as you want.  Last year, we created a manicure that emphasized the scary […]

Zombie Repellent Soap: Rocky Mountain Soap Company

I always imagined that zombies would hate cleanliness. I’m a fan of zombie movies, and those guys never seem to take baths. So when I came across this Zombie Repellent Soap, I was surprised to learn that it smells like fennel and star anise: the true scents that zombies hate. If you’re in the mood […]

Fat Witch Bakery: Chelsea Market, New York City

Normally, I would advise you against using the terms “Fat Witch.” It’s not very nice. Except when you’re talking about Fat Witch brownies, which are very, VERY nice. Check out their awesome brownies and get our recommendations for what to pick up!