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Be Radiant at Prom!

I remember contemplating my prom makeup like it was yesterday.  Cliche?  Maybe.  True?  Definitely.  I wanted to coordinate my makeup look with my dress, which isn’t necessarily a bad idea, but it isn’t always the way to go.  My advice to all you ladies getting ready for prom (I apologize if your prom already passed!) […]

Burberry Thrifting!

Finding designer deals (vintage or otherwise) has always been a passion of mine. The thrill of wearing a great dress is only topped by the thrill of finding a one-of-a kind piece while thrifting or a surprisingly affordable gem at department store mega sale. Housing Works is a great place to try. On my last trip, I […]

The Shops at Target

Yesterday marked the launch of The Shops at Target! This promotion features a specially curated line of products from small boutiques getting some exposure to the massive Target audience. I had been looking forward to checking out The Webster, specifically, ever since I came across one of their amazing necklaces a couple weeks back. (Read […]

The Claire Dress by Zoe Damacela

Working in the beauty department at Seventeen Magazine opened the doors for me to a number of things, but the last thing I would have thought it would get me is a graduation dress. Thanks to their Pretty Amazing cover contest, I had to the opportunity to meet five pretty amazing (pun intended) girls.  One of […]

Manicure Monday: Violet Daze

As you may or may not know, manicures are my thing.  Little Orphan Annie might say that you’re never fully dressed without a smile, but I like to say that you’re never fully dressed without a fresh mani. Last Thursday, I was getting ready for my last college formal.  I wanted to go all out.  I […]