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Deborah Lippman’s Snow White & the Huntsman Nail Polish Duo

Love the new movie? Read Amber’s review¬†here? Then all you need to complete your Snow White & the Huntsman obsession trifecta is Deborah Lippman’s special edition nail polish duo. The two super flattering shades are appropriately called Prelude to a Kiss (baby pink) and Dark Side of the Moon(vampy purple). The set is $25 and […]

Trend Report: Mermaids!

There’s definitely a reason that mermaids have always been so alluring, and I’m guessing it’s not because they smell like brine. Maybe it’s the effortlessly sexy hair and their perfect tans (somehow achieved despite dwelling below layers of darkness.) Whatever their secrets, their mythical beauty is not that unachievable. I was inspired by two great […]