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A Beauty Review: Lancome Teint Miracle Instant Retouch Pen

A Beauty Review: Lancome Teint Miracle Instant Retouch Pen

LANCÔME Teint Miracle Instant Retouch Pen ($29.50) Oil-free liquid concealer in a pump pen. I’m not ever really a fan of these pump pens, whether it’s for a concealer or a lip gloss or anything.  I don’t like waiting for the product to ooze out of the brush, and I don’t like that I can’t really clean […]

Is Your Makeup Too Old?

We may all be guilty of hanging onto makeup a little too long, myself included.  I’m sure most of us may even keep products as long as possible, only making the official decision to chuck them when they start to clump, smell, or change color.  Unfortunately, by the time your makeup starts to stink, it’s […]

A Beauty Review: Neutrogena Cosmetics

I should start out this review by explaining that I am a BzzAgent.  I sign up for different campaigns, they send me free stuff, and I try it out.  My job as a BzzAgent is to spread the word – either good or bad – about the products I’ve tested.  I don’t get paid to […]