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Sephora x Disney’s Cinderella Beauty Collection

Your fascination with all things Cinderella doesn’t have to end at your shining glass slippers. Sephora is making it ridiculously easy for us fairy-tale obsessed kids-masquerading-as-adults to keep the magic alive. What girl doesn’t need a Swarovski crystal-encrusted bottle of So This Is Love… perfume? (That was rhetorical: every girl needs a bottle.) Check out this enchanting new beauty collection, […]

DSW x Disney Glass Slipper Collection

This week, Disney’s Cinderella is getting a major reboot. Or a major re-slippering, as the tale would go. On Tuesday, the DVD/Blu-Ray of the newly remastered cartoon will be released. But if you can’t wait that long to relive your princess fantasy, you’re in luck. Starting today on DSW.com and in stores tomorrow, you can […]