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Queen of Tarts: Dublin, Ireland

So you’re walking down Dame Street in Dublin and you have a major case of the snack attacks. Whatever should you do?! My recommendation? Pop into the marvelous Queen of Tarts for an adorable pastry. This quaint eatery is smack dab in the heart of the big city. Even if you won’t be hanging around […]

Trend Report: Sweet Treats

Makeup, like chocolate, is the ultimate treat — they both make you feel luxurious and pampered. So what happens when our favorite candies and beauty picks collide? Well, we’re in heaven. These delicious, fun lip products give you every reason not to skip dessert. Indulge your cravings with our calorie-free collection of beauty sweet treats!

Everyone Loves a Bundt Cake!

I woke up a few days ago and thought: Bundt Cake! Then I wondered why I thought Bundt cake in the first place, but quickly got over it once I realized that a class activity was bringing with it the opportunity to bake something and that’s always a good thing. So, with this in mind, […]