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Queen of Tarts: Dublin, Ireland

So you’re walking down Dame Street in Dublin and you have a major case of the snack attacks. Whatever should you do?! My recommendation? Pop into the marvelous Queen of Tarts for an adorable pastry. This quaint eatery is smack dab in the heart of the big city. Even if you won’t be hanging around […]

Donna Bell’s Bake Shop: New York City

My mom and I were strolling down 49th Street in Manhattan when we were suddenly overcome by the smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. It didn’t even take nanosecond to figure out where the smell was coming from, because we looked up and saw cookies cooling in the window of the delightful Donna Bell’s […]

Fat Witch Bakery: Chelsea Market, New York City

Normally, I would advise you against using the terms “Fat Witch.” It’s not very nice. Except when you’re talking about Fat Witch brownies, which are very, VERY┬ánice. Check out their awesome brownies and get our recommendations for what to pick up!