Amber Buggs

Kristen Stewart as “The fairest of them ALL”

2012 has been a big year for Walt Disney’s first animated princess, Snow White.  And she has made quite the transformation throughout the decades!  Gone are the days of being completely helpless, thinking almost exclusively about domestic activities, and of bursting into song at the drop of a hat.  As I’ve already indicated in my […]

United States of Tara: Question of Love

Love is some powerful stuff.  It can move a person to actions that person would never engage in otherwise and endure situations that same person would ordinarily look down upon and advise someone else (in the same position) to flee.  But how much shenanigans and hurt can one person really take, forgive, and move on […]

What it’s all About: Anonymous

As someone deeply in love with the words of the oh so famous William Shakespeare, I dreaded watching Columbia Pictures’ 2011 film Anonymous.  I actively avoided seeing it, getting worked into a soapbox frenzy each time previews were sighted, bellowing at any poor soul who happened to be within earshot that: “Shakespeare was a real […]

A Different Kind of Fairytale

Many a time I have wondered what I know I’m not alone in wondering, When will I get my happily ever after?  When will I find that guy who’s my own version of a fairytale Prince Charming? In fairytales, “true love” always seems so uncomplicated.  Sure, there are curses to overcome, battles to be won, […]

Immortals: Not the Stuff of Legends

On a beautiful Friday night, after a lovely week of flowers in the park, blossoming trees, and sunshine all around, I felt the sudden urge for a violent manly film.  When I mean a manly film I mean I want to see sex, violence and plenty of action.  No need to have a strong storyline […]