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Happy Easter From The Collabor-eight

Hope your day’s egg-zackly the spring treat you were looking for!

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The Gnarly Whale

“I just had a life-changing experience.”
What now, Kristine?
“I used a new shampoo. It’s from a company called The Gnarly Whale. It comes in a spray bottle.”
“Amazing? Yeah, I know. It smells like eucalyptus and is just heavenly.”

The above is an actual transcript of a phone conversation I had the night I first tried products from The Gnarly Whale. In my line of work, I’ve been lucky enough to have had access to wonderful fashion and beauty products for years, and I love testing things out and finding new favorite products to obsess over. But let me tell you, it’s been a long time since I found a product so buzzworthy that I actually made a phone call about it. There are so many reasons that I loved Gnarly Whale before I ever even opened the products: the hipster name, the fact that the products are all vegan, and the cool product range consisting of everything from spray shampoo to lip balm to bar soap to beach wave hair spray. But those aren’t the only amazing things about the line!  Continue Reading »

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Peter Som x Kohl’s: St. Barths-Inspired Summer Pieces


I was really excited when I found out that the newest DesigNation collection for Kohl’s was going to be designed by Peter Som. The St. Barths-inspired collection features gorgeous map-patterned fabrics and sassy maxi dresses, which are perfect for lazy summer days. I loved looking at the designs online, but when I went to Kohl’s to check out the new collection I wasn’t as obsessed with the collection as I thought I would be. Continue Reading »

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Picking Up by Robin Nagle

How much time do you think about your trash? The garbage you put out on the street, the trash you throw into city wastebaskets, and (sadly) for some of you out there, the trash that you litter on the street. Not much right? We only really seem to think about it when it’s negatively affecting us in some way. When the kitchen trash smells terrible because you cleaned out the fridge and had something extra fragrant in it. Or because you accidentally left something you meant to throw away in your car or room and now it’s stinking up the place. I’ll admit it, once I get the trash out of my life in some way I forget all about it and have never really given much thought to what happens after it’s removed from my possession. I just know it’s permanently and promptly gone when I put it out.

So when Robin Nagle’s book Picking Up: On the Streets and Behind the Trucks with the Sanitation Workers of New York City was published it got me thinking about my trash, other people’s trash, and the workforce that has made a career out of very efficiently picking up after everyone. It also got me thinking about why I had never thought about the topic before. After reading Nagle’s book it turns out that I’m not in the minority. That, in fact, sanitation workers make up a workforce that is largely unseen by the general public….unless something doesn’t run smoothly and in those cases the public tends to notice these public servants just enough to behave uglier than their garbage looks.

So here’s why I enjoyed the book and recommend you add it to your reading wish list… Continue Reading »

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Fabletics Workout Fashions by Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson‘s athletic fashion collection, Fabletics, kind of makes me not want to keep wearing my scrubby old t-shirts to the gym. With cute leggings, snug yoga gear and colorful sports bras making up a good chunk of the line, Fabletics’ pieces aren’t the most terribly original athletic looks in the world, but the high quality and relatively low price-point are definitely alluring! Continue Reading »

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Santigold’s Smashbox Makeup Collaboration


Santigold introduced her first ever makeup collection — with Smashbox Cosmetics! The bold singer-songwriter perfectly captured her colorful, graphic style and favorite stage looks in her customized limited-edition collection for the brand, called The Santigolden Age. Get all the details here! Continue Reading »

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Divergent x Sephora Makeup Collection


Are you ready for the most kick-ass beauty collection ever released by Sephora? The beauty superbrand’s latest collaboration is with the upcoming movie, Divergent. The film, featuring Shailene Woodley as Tris Prior and Theo James as Four Eaton is an amped-up version of the favorite novel of the same title, but the makeup collection the franchise has inspired is almost equally exciting! “The story line is about discovery and female strength, and has many alignments with our mission and DNA,” Sephora’s chief merchant Margarita Arriagada told WWD of the line’s inspiration. Continue Reading »


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